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List of online expert database

No. Name Category Main area of expertise Other area of expertise
101 Mohammad Ehteshamul Hoque Government Customs Facilitation Trade Facilitation, Transit Facilitation, Trade Negotiations, Harmonized System, Customs Valuation, Customs Reform and Modernization
102 Mohammad Yunus Academia Transit Facilitation rade Facilitation (general) Transport Facilitation (general) Customs Facilitation
103 Mohd Afandi Md Amin Government Trade Facilitation (general) Information Technology, Web application
104 Mr. Dietmar Jost Government Customs Facilitation Trade facilitation, trade automation, e-commerce, single window, legal issues, transport facilitation, data harmonization, business process analysis, stakeholder coordination
105 Mr. Florian A. Alburo Academia Transport Facilitation (general)
106 MS Iniyavan Trade/Business Association Agricultural Trade USA AND ASIA
107 Mu-Hyuk, Kweon E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation National Single Window
108 Muhammad Anwar Logistics Service Provider Transport Facilitation (general) Transit Trade, Customs, stakeholders coordinations
109 Muwasiq M Noor, ST, MT E-Service Provider Single Window Trade Facilitation, Data Harmonization
110 Nabaraj Bhandari Government Agricultural Trade customs facilitatio
111 Nabeel Bokhari Academia Business Process Analysis Website development & maintenance Database design & maintenance Project management
112 Naresh Kumar Agrawal Trade/Business Association Transport Facilitation (general) Logistics Service,Business Process Analysis & Trade Facilitation.
113 NDIZEYE Arthémon Government Single Window IT, Customs Administration, Trade Facilitation.
114 Nguyen Manh Quyen Government Trade Facilitation (general) E-Business and IT Economics
115 Omer Bin Ahsan E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation Trade Automation, Business Process Engineering, Project Management
116 Patrik Heinesson E-Service Provider Customs Facilitation Risk Analysis & Risk Management Design and Implementation of Customs systems. Design and Implementation of Customs Compliance Systems Design and Implementation of Cargo Security Monitoring Systems. Customs Reform and Process Re-engineering. AEO Accreditation Policies and Procedures. WCO Capacity Building. Customs Intelligence and Crisis Management
117 Pavan Duggal International Organization Legal Issue I am a practicing advocate in the Supreme Court of India, specializing in Cyberlaw & E-commerce Law, Privacy Law, Mobile Law, Intellectual Property Rights & Information Technology, Information Security law and Business Process Outsourcing Law
118 Peter Stokes E-Service Provider Single Window Business Process Facilitation, Customs Facilitation,Trade Facilitation
119 Prabir Government Trade Facilitation (general) regional economics, trade policy, services trade
120 Prita Hapsari Roosma Dewi International Organization Trade Facilitation (general) Customs,International trade, International business